Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mistakes to Avoid with UR Blog

Business blog Giving results?

Is it getting harder for you to spend time on your blog because you’re just not seeing how it is going to pay off?

If so, you’re not alone. Hundreds of blogs are started each day and many of them are abandoned after several months because it takes time and energy to keep a good business blog going.

Make no mistake, blog are a great tool for building community, interacting with potential clients, and marketing your services.

And, it’s not enough to set one up and post occasionally.

You have to use it effectively to drive traffic and gain readership.We’ve discovered several common mistakes professionals make with their blogs.

Mostly, they aren’t using some the features available to them with their blogging software, because it hasn’t been sufficiently explained. Eyes glaze over with the mention of RSS, pinging, trackbacks and permalinks.

Professionals may be ignoring these things, hoping they don’t really need to know. But they do if they want results from their business blog fun .

Here’s a list of what we found on a recent trip around the professional business blogosphere:


Not posting frequently enough. (Recommended: 2-3 times a week.)

Content is not focused, and the target audience is not clearly defined.

Posting articles that are too long, instead of using extended post features.

Not linking profusely (because the professional isn’t researching their field on the internet).

Poor spelling, bad grammar and typos.Design

No name of author in tag line or on side bar.

No author photo.

No subscription form; no way to get blog updates through RSS or email.

No way for readers to leave comments and use trackbacks.

Too many categories or none at all.

No information about their business services and products.

Calendars for no reason at all (what is the point of those calendars anyway?).


Blog isn’t submitted to blog directories.

Not pinging each time a new post is published.

Not using trackbacks referring or linking to other blogs.

No blogroll or list of favorite blogs or websites.If you’re considering using a blog to build your business, optimize it by taking time to learn the features and steps that will ensure success.

A blog is like any other marketing tool – you've got to use it correctly to get positive results.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

The following 2 programs a re a must have in your library.

I know i have them.

If you really are serious you should get a copy of BLOGGING TO THE BANK (just click Blogging to the bank or on the banner above and your ready.)

The other program i would recommend is THE BLOGGING MACHINE.

These are a must have if you really want to earn income while you blog easy.

I have personally used both of them and have enjoyed continued success Creating a blog.

Again they are the ones that have given me success you are free to also try them or you can do some more research and find others.until next time keep it here for future powerful blog postings.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Content 4 your Blog

What does it take to put good content in your blog easy

First of all, you have to be able to maintain interest in the topic yourself.If you spend time writing articles or content on a subject that is of little or no interest to you, your boredom will surely come across in your articles.

However, if you choose to write about something you are passionate about, then readers will see how devoted you are to the subject yourself and they will also pick up some of that passion themselves.

It is also important to write about something you care about because you will have to spend a little time keeping your blog updated.New information and content should be added regularly to keep your readers coming back for more.

You will also have to spend some time doing research on your topic to make sure your ideas stay current!After you have decided on the theme of your blog money , start posting and work out a schedule as to how often and when you will post.It is a good idea to try and post something at least once a day.

It may not always be a full length article, but even a comment on another article, which you can give a link to, will help to keep you current.

It will take some effort to get your blog going, but once you are on the right track, it will become easier and easier to maintain.Eventually, no matter how into your topic you are, there will come a day when you just are not feeling the passion.

There are some ways you can cope with that.There are methods you can use to help create new content for your blog without feeling like you are doing the same thing day in and day out.First of all, check out what other bloggers are doing with blogs on your topic.

Many times you can post a blog that is actually in response to something another person wrote on their site. You can do this as long as you post a link back to the other person's blog. This can actually draw new readers as you "network" with others.

Also take the time to look at forums related to your topic. These forums can give you ideas for questions and answers to those questions, as well as possible article topics as you talk with others.

This helps you gain knowledge of your field and gain new contacts who can become potential readers and then potential customers.If you still need something to blog about, search for your topic in a search engine such as Yahoo or Google.

You can search for news articles related to your field.

These articles can serve as a springboard to help you find something to talk about.Remember the importance of consistency in posting.You want major search engines to find your site, and this is done through optimization of your blog articles.

If you have a higher ranking with a search engine, you will in turn attract more potential customers and generate more profit!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Traffic Increase With Blogging

A Blog

It is a combination of the words "Web" and "log".

blog is carried out through a blogging software that maintains the daily posts on the site.

It doesn’t take long to set up blog to blog easy and once installed you can update it easily with lots of content daily.To keep a blog is simply to maintain a page on your site where there can be daily posting of new content by the website owner or the visitors to the site.

Blogging has one particular striking feature - the information there is always kept fresh as there are daily entries.Our interest inblog fun is in its search engine placement significance.

Blogs can fetch you a lot of web traffic without any effort at all.Search engines tend to rank sites with content favorably. Since a blog posts fresh content to the site on daily basis, the information at such a place is kept fresh and current making it a preferred destination for visitors.

Some blogging tools worth looking into - http://www.blogger.comBlosxom - Type - - - UserLand - - in traditional sea, your blogging should be around a central theme or keyword.

The most popular blogging tool on the market today is WordPress which can be downloaded from their website at

Installation is simple and does not require extensive knowledge of programming languages.Blogging is being used by many sites as a way to passively draw targeted traffic and search engine rankings.

Installing one can help you draw web traffic and get noticed quickly by the engines.Good luck with your website

If you really are serious you should get a copy of BLOGGING TO THE BANK (just click Blogging to the bank or on the banner above and your ready.)

The other program i would recommend is THE BLOGGING MACHINE.

These are a must have if you really want to earn income while you blog easy.

I have personally used both of them and have enjoyed continued success Creating a blog
Beyond this you’re going to have to work out your own methods for publicizing your site.

Just think creatively about how and where you can get a link put in and you’ll be fine.
Getting your blog set up and running can be an involving task but the results will be worth it.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Make with your Blog

Make Money While U Blog

Let me tell a little of how money is being amde thru Blogs

blogs have become the SEO tool of choice by many webmasters.

It is Because of their content. Search engines love content.The more content your blog can provide on a steady basis, the better your ability to increase traffic.

Blogs are easy to start and anyone can for more effective SEO management. What content do you place in your blog?You can place any useful information or articles about your product or service.

If, for example, you are a wedding planner, you should write about tips future brides may not be aware of in relation to planning their wedding.

You might talk about wedding scams, catering faux pas, honeymoon hotspots etc...Let the readers know you have something more to offer then just a simple service.

People who feel comfortable about a person or organization are far more likely to buy from them. Let your readers know who you are and what you are capable of doing for them.Now that you have your content, you need to get it into the reader’s hands.

The advantage of using a blog is that you can syndicate your content.

Rich Site Summary or RSS is a format used to syndicate your content instantly. In other words, people can have your content posted on their web site or sent to their email.

Most Blogs sites will give you your own special URL to submit to sites that syndicate content.

These sites will then contact your URL for the content.The more you update your site the more your site will be indexed or PINGED by RSS feeds.

To help ensure your RSS feed is being indexed, enter the RSS tag into the of your site. Just enter your site title and the URL with your special URL for RSS.

This and other tags can be used in most blog .Take advantage of them.Creating a blog will allow your content to be syndicated which in turn will increase traffic to your web site as well as build your link popularity through RSS and blog directories.

This will give you and your products or services recognition.

The knowledge and personal insights that you share will help build your business and your customer relations.The RSS feeds and blog directories will also help build your page rank on search engines.
Blogs have all the ingredients to be one of the best free advertising tools the Internet has to offer.
I hope you start Blogging for money soon


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogging is Powerful

Blog Power

This is just a small glimpse into informative powerful world of blogging.

We also cover building your ownblog for fun or to earn income the choice is yours.
Tha tools to create maintan your own blog are just a click away.

So why are blog so powerful?

However, professional bloggers will admit that blogging is not as easy as waking up in the morning, checking out some posts and putting together a few witty lines before you brush your teeth.

You do need to be knowledgeable about the subject you are writing on or you are likely to be torn apart by people who are.

Having a blog has its own set of inherent advantages which are obvious and some which are not so obvious.
The better known advantages are:Freedom to express: If you like to build a chain of communication and use that as food for thought and for your existence, a BLOG is the best way to create this outlet.

You can express your opinion openly and you just might be surprised by the number of people who would agree with you. Such communication channels also help build momentum for a particular line of thought.Networking at its best:

I do have recommendations on a few programs to help you learn how to make money blogging.

The following 2 programs a re a must have in your library.i know i have them.

If you really are serious you should get a copy of BLOGGING TO THE BANK (just clickBlogging to the bank or on the banner above and your ready.)

The other program i would recommend is THE BLOGGING MACHINE.

These are a must have if you really want to earn income while you blog.

I have personally used both of them and have enjoyed continued successCreating a blog.

A blog can give your business increased visibility and give your subscribers a forum in which to receive product updates, advice on how to effectively use your products, and post questions or comments about your line of business

With the hunger for new advertising platforms which is both innovative and cost effective, blogs seems like the next location for the big bucks of advertisers.Gauging public opinion on products and services: Bloggers post comments at a fiery pace.

It is not uncommon to see a couple of comments posted within a few minutes of the original post. The topic and title of the blog needs to be alluring enough to get such quick responses.

Blogs thus become an excellent forum to gauge public opinion on products and services and even political and business events.

Useful tool for inter-company communication without the red tape: IBM recently started a blog for its employees on the intranet. Reason? Simple, to get employees interacting with each other and building up a knowledge based community for putting together new ideas as well as provide good human resource practices.

More and more companies are ignoring the naysayers for blogs and going ahead with using this tool for fostering better employee relations within the company.

Other benefits which are worth mentioning if you own a blog is search engine optimization due to the high volume of content featured here, updating yourself on the latest trend in the marketplace which subsequently helps you identify new opportunities which helps you stay ahead and allows you to be tech-savvy in your social and professional circle.

The benefits outlined above should be enough to inspire you to start a blog at the earliest!

Until next time i look forward to reading your blogs