Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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LI Biz Blog: Pols rush to Suffolk's aid, and cleaners avoid strike
Long Island Business News - At a press conference today, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer and Reps. Steve Israel and Tim Bishop were joined by Babylon Town Supervisor Steve Bellone calling for parity in Medicare Advantage payments between Nassau and Suffolk. Also, Local 32BJ of the

The hearing on Capitol Hill
ESPN.com - Congressional Hearings BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog WEBLOG | RSS | PRINT BLOG It's Round 2 on Capitol Hill. Congress is reviewing the use of performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball, and star-studded hearings are scheduled for Jan. 15 and Feb. 13. Follow along

Divisional hoops rankings
Boston Globe - You asked for 'em, we're giving 'em to you. Much like we did for the football season, we've broken our hoops rankings down browse this blog by category

Republican Hopefuls Offer a Third Bush Term on the Economy: NO THANKS!
Forbes - When he left at the beginning of this year, it had risen to 13th." ["The Fact Checker" by Michael Dobbs, 1/2/2008, http://blog.washingtonpost.com , http://www.taxfoundation.org/taxdata/show/442.html ] GIULIANI, A Third Bush Term on the Economy

Tuesday TV roundup: Icon edition
Boston Globe - 1) Drumroll drumroll ."Idol" starts tonight. Granted, it's the evil, cruel, make-fun-of-the-mentally ill portion of browse this blog by category

Anxiety grows about economy, jobs, poll finds
Globe and Mail - Sylok St'r'atek from Victoria, Canada writes: and more than half of those polled do not want a carbon tax, correct Rolo. Newspaper attempts to shape public opinion continue Government will try their darndest to get more money, which will disappear

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Celebrity baby blog

Celebrity Baby BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog - As a new mom to twins -- ' it's twice the fun ' -- actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon , 41, needs a lot of gear for her boys, Jaid Thomas and Jax Joseph , 10 weeks. She shares her essential products with Us Weekly . Boss of Me cool camo bib & burp cloth Click here for more info .

Celebrity Baby BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog - Australian billionaire James Packer and wife expecting first child NBA player Dwight Howard welcomes a son, introducing Braylon Howard Peter Sarsgaard takes a stroll with daughter Ramona Kate Hudson in L.A. with son Ryder Big celebrity birth week Click here for more info .

Celebrity Baby BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog - Appearing in Fit Pregnancy magazine with an interview and photospread, actress and author Courtney Thorne-Smith , 40, discusses her pregnancy, body image, Life According to Jim , and more. Courtney and husband Roger Fishman expect their first child Click here for more info .

Celebrity Baby BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog - Beat the crowds by shopping online with our great sponsors who offer unique gifts that you won't be able to find in any Wal-Mart or mall. Here are great deals and steals from over 20 different online shops just for Celebrity Baby BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog readers. As Click here for more info .

Celebrity Baby BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog - Every kid's a celebrity on their birthday Rosie O'Donnell talks about baby gifts for Taylor, Grace Hasselbeck Jessica Alba at V-Day luncheon says she's having "the best time ever" Holly Hunter and Gordon MacDonald take sons to the park Jill Hennessy and Click here for more info .

Kansas City Star - Also on Animal Fair's list are Jake and Bill, terriers that help actress Glenn Close with her dog-friendly blog, Lively Licks, and Teddy, the mini goldendoodle belonging to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. "This year our readers chose an outstanding Click here for more info .

Celebrity Baby BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog - Tracy Morgan talks about embarassing his kids Every kid's a celebrity on their birthday Rosie O'Donnell talks about baby gifts for Taylor, Grace Hasselbeck Jessica Alba at V-Day luncheon says she's having "the best time ever" Holly Hunter and Gordon Click here for more info .

Celebrity Baby BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog - CBB Exclusive update : On the Adam Carolla show this morning, Scott announced that his daughter's name is Bailey. We just heard from Renee, who shares photos and tells us, We named our little angel Bailey DeLuca Baio . DeLuca is Scott's mother Rose's Click here for more info .

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bad girls blog

I'm blogging this. Fair warning... Put the world on notice. It's unlikely that you'll actually see anyone overtly change their behavior lest they be blogged, but you'll certainly shake up a paranoid few. Also available in a ladies' babydoll version! 100% cotton black heavyweight t-shirt. "I'm blogging this" on the front in white and "www.oreilly.com" on the back, also in white.


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spanking blog

A weblog (or simply blog) is a website that 'publishes' or features articles (which are called 'blog posts', 'posts', or 'entries'), written by an individual or a group that make use of any or a combination of the following: � Straight texts � Photographs or images (photoblog) � Video (videoblog) � Audio files (audioblog) � Hyperlinks Usually presented and arranged in reverse chronological order, blogs are essentially used for the following purposes: � Online journal or a web diary � Content managament system � Online publishing platform A typical blog has the following components: � Post date -the date and time of the blog entry � Category - the category that the blog belongs to � Title - the title of the blog � Main body - the main content of the blog � RSS and trackback - links the blog back from other sites � Comments - commentaries that are added by readers � Permalinks - the URL of the full article � Other optional items - calendar, archives, blogrolls, and add-ons or plug-ins

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A blog can also have a footer, usually found at the bottom of the blog, that shows the post date, the author, the category, and the 'stats' (the nubmer of comments or trackbacks). There are numerous types of blogs. Some of them are the following: 1. Political blog - on news, politics, activism, and other issue based blogs (such as campaigning). 2. Personal blog - also known as online diary that may include an individual's day-to-day experience, complaints, poems, and illicit thoughts, and communications between friends. 3. Topical blog - with focus either on a particular niche (function or position) that is usually technical in nature or a local information. 4. Health blog - on specific health issues. Medical blog is a major category of health blog that features medical news from health care professionals and/or actual patient cases. 5. Literary blog - also known as litblog. 6. Travel blog - with focus on a traveler's stories on a particular journey. 7. Research blog - on academic issues such as research notes. 8. Legal blog - on law (technical areas) and legal affairs; also known as 'blawgs'. 9. Media blog - focus on falsehoods or inconsistencies in mass media; usually exclusive for a newspaper or a television network. 10. Religious blog - on religious topics 11. Educational blog - on educational applications, usually written by students and teachers. 12. Collaborative or collective blog - a specific topic written by a group of people. 13. Directory blog - contains a collection of numerous web sites. 14. Business blog - used by entrepreneurs and corporate employees to promote their businesses or talk about their work. 15. Personification blog - focus on non-human being or objects (such as dogs). 16. Spam blogs - used for promoting affiliated websites; also known as 'splogs'. BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blogging is typically done on a regular (almost daily) basis. The term "blogging" refers to the act of authoring, maintaining, or adding an article to an existing blog, while the term "blogger" refers to a person or a group who keeps a blog. Today, more than 3 million blogs can be found in the Internet. This figure is continuously growing, as the availability of various blog software, tools, and other applications make it easier for just about anyone to update or maintain the blog (even those with little or no technical background). Because of this trend, bloggers can now be categorized into 4 main types: � Personal bloggers - people who focus on a diary or on any topic that an individual feels strongly about. � Business bloggers - people who focus on promoting products and services. � Organizational bloggers - people who focus on internal or external communication in an organization or a community. � Professional bloggers - people who are hired or paid to do blogging. Problogging (professional blogging) refers to blogging for a profit. Probloggers (professional bloggers) are people who make money from blogging (as an individual blog publisher or a hired blogger). Below are just some of the many money-making opportunities for probloggers: � Advertising programs � RSS advertising � Sponsorship � Affiliate Programs � Digital assets � BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog network writing gigs � Business blog writing gigs � Non blogging writing gigs � Donations � Flipping blogs � Merchandising � Consulting and speaking The following are a few things that you need to consider if you want to be successful in problogging: 1. Be patient. Problogging requires a lot of time and effort, not to mention a long-term vision. 2. Know your audience. Targeting a specific audience or group is a key to building a readership. 3. Be an 'expert'. Focus on a specific niche topic and strive to be the "go-to" blogger on that topic. 4. Diversify. Experiment with various add and affiliate programs that enable you to make money online (aside from blogging). 5. Do not bore your readers. Focus on the layout. White spaces, line spacings, and bigger fonts make a blog welcoming to read. Certainly, it is possible to earn money from blogs. One just needs to take risks, the passion, and the right attitude in order to be a successful problogger. Get a edge on blog Today blog/" target=_blank >blog

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Housing bubble blog

Many studies have proven that radio is a good medium for product advertisements. People listen to the radio for entertainment, usually to listen to the latest music or to their favorite radio program. In between the program, advertisements on products and services are being played.

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For many years, this has been the trend in advertising. But now that the radio medium is almost behind the audio-visual medium, the TV, and the Internet, other marketing strategies have to be employed to continue the benefits of advertising through audio.
It is then that the benefits of using music on websites were discovered. Before, music on the Internet was just available in downloadable forms as mp3. Even through hosting downloadable music on their servers, companies were able to get much traffic on their sites. And everyone engaged in Internet marketing knows that website traffic plays a big role in boosting product and service sales.
However, there had been a problem with illegal music download in which artists, musicians and record companies have lost millions of revenues. Then, came the popularity of Internet music streaming. Unlike the former, radio streaming does not allow download of the music files. Thus, the copyrights of the artists and record label owners are protected.
So, how can this be done? There are several ways to stream audio from your site. First, is to stream a radio program from your site or blog. You can find free affiliate programs that allow you to stream their radio content from your site.
What will this mean to you? This means that your site will have new audio content every time it is visited. What's even great is that the content is being updated even without much effort from you.
In this case, what you needed to do is to signup with an Internet radio station and have the link embedded on your blog or website.
Another way is to stream mp3s. To do this, you just need to upload your mp3files on a server and add the files' links to the page. When the link is clicked, the browser opens a media player window and plays a file. However, since the file is in mp3 format, it may also be downloaded. Downloading music files without the authorization of the copyright owner is illegal. Therefore, if you will be using this type of streaming, make sure that you have the appropriate permit to do so. A third way to add audio to you blog or website is to stream music through organizing playlists. Playlists are m3u files, which if downloaded, will not play music if offline. Using this process, however, can be complex. Here is a short instruction on how to do it. 1. Save your mp3 or wma file on the server. You may skip this step if you know that the file exists on another server and know the link to that file. Make sure that the link has a .mp3 or .wma extension.
2. Open your text editor and type the path to the file. Include the http:// and the file extension. Repeat this step until you have included all the links to the files that you would like to be included in the playlist. 3. Save the playlist with a .m3u extension. 4. Upload the m3u file on the directory where the music files are hosted or to your server.
5. Open your html editor and embed the link to the m3u file. Through this, you can also set if you want to have the playlist to autoplay if someone visits your site of if you want your visitor to control playing the music. You can also set the volume level.

The Rough Guide to Blogging 1 (Rough Guide Reference)

After the code is embedded on the html file, and whenever your site is visited, the songs in the playlist will be buffered, streamed and played one after another. If your playlist has several songs, the user can skip forward or go back a song in the playlist using the media player controls. Doing this setup works for many website owners. Through this you can customize the type of music being played on your site. You can even play recordings related to your product to boost product awareness.
It requires knowledge of html to be done. But if it will be the best way to increase traffic to your site, why not request assistance from programmers. After all, having audio on a website is a proven way to increase sales. Get a edge on blogging Today blogging

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Video blog

Wordpress is a simple and powerful way to start blogging. If you're not an IT expert but want to use a state of the art blogging system to give your blog the best chance of success, while giving you the time to focus on content and your readers, WordPress is the right system for you, and this book is the right place to start. It will give you a rapid and straightforward introduction to the rich and powerful features of WordPress and get you up and running with a state of the art blog as quickly and painlessly as possible. WordPress is an open source blog engine released under GNU general public license. It allows users to easily create dynamic blogs with great content and many outstanding features. It is an ideal tool for developing blogs and though it is chiefly used for blogging, it can also be used as a complete CMS with very little effort. Its versality and ease of use has attracted a large, enthusiastic, and helpful community of users. If you want to create powerful, fully-featured blogs in no time, this book is for you. This book will help you explore WordPress showing you what it offers and how to go about building your blog with the system. You will be introduced to the main aspects of a blog - users, communities, posts, comments, news feeds - and learn how to manage them using WordPress. You will develop the skills and confidence to manage all types of content, be it text or images, on your blog, and also understand how users interact with the blog. In working through the book you'll be inspired as well as informed, and have the capability and the ideas for make your blog cutting edge and exciting to maximise its impact. From this book you'll learn about: Installing and configuring WordPress on a local development machine or a web hosting service Managing posts and comments Working with Image galleries, calendars, etc. Organising users and Communities Creating and Installing themes to control the page layout Linking to the outside world - Feeds, Syndication, and Podcasting Customising Widgets and Plugins Using WordPress as a regular CMS Written in a clear, easy to read style, the book takes you the essential tasks required to create a feature-rich blog as quickly as possible. From initial setup to customizing modules, each task is explained in a clear, practical way using an example blog developed through the book. Who this book is written for This book is a beginner's guide to WordPress, for people who are new to blogging and want to create their own blogs in a simple and straightforward manner. It does not require any detailed knowledge of programming or web development, and any IT confident user will be able to use the book to produce an impressive blog. The table of contents is: WordPress and the World of BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blogging Getting Started with WordPress Choosing and Installing a Theme BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog Your Heart Out Non-BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog Content Feeds, Syndication, and Podcasting Getting the Theme Tailor-Made for You Managing Users and Building Communities Widgets and Plugins Administrator's Reference
Customer Review: Good for beginning Wordpress developers, bad for the rest of the world.
This book is over-priced, padded with useless screenshots and poorly edited. The first 100 pages - and some of the back hundred for that matter - are filled with distracting explanations of topics irrelevant to properly using and building bloggy websites with Wordpress. The English is a mishmash of South Asian/British/American that reads like it was written by a tired programmer at 3 in the morning, and edited by someone with their eye on the clock rather than on the text. That said, while end-users should just say no - the online Wordpress documentation is better and more to the point, and there are some good third-party websites as well - for a beginning Wordpress developer the chapters on theming and coding plug-ins are quite helpful. Well, at least I did found them so while doing a quick WP project. If only there had been 2 or 3 more chapters extending those lessons! In short: this book is definitely over-priced. End-users should avoid this book; beginning WP developers will definitely find two or three chapters excellent how-tos on theming and coding plug-ins.
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With an exclusive look inside Google, Disney, Yahoo, IBM, and others, this book shows how your company can use blogs to raise its visibility and transform internal communications

All companies, large and small, know that reaching customers directly and influencing--and being influenced by--them is essential to success. BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blog Marketing

shows marketing and PR professionals as well small business owners how to do just that without spending a lot of money. Readers will learn how to tap into the power of blogs to create a direct line of communication with customers, raise the company's visibility, and position their organizations as industry thought leaders.

"BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blogs will soon become a staple in the information diet of every serious businessperson . . . . BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blogs offer an accelerated and efficient approach to acquiring and understanding the kind of information all of us need to make business decisions."

-- John Battelle, Business 2.0

Customer Review: Informative primer for corporate bloggers
A very useful book for those who want to understand how corporate blogging works, how their companies could use blogs and how to succeed in corporate blogging. Among the things I particularly like are: (1) The assertion and further elaboration that BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blogging is really about three things: "Information", "Relationships" and "Knowledge Management". (2) "Be Real: The Scoble Story" which highlights the importance of authenticity and honesty in blogging. (3) "External BlogFree/index2.php'>BlogFree/index2.php'>Blogging Personality Types" where the values of different blogging styles (e.g. The Barber, The Blacksmith, The Bridge, The Window, The Signpost, The Pub, The Newspaper) was discussed.
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Friday, January 4, 2008

Pink is the new blog

Videoblogging is the next generation of posting ideas and products over the internet. Everybody knows about textblogging. Now they use videos for a better way of expression. This form of communication may entail a lot of resources, but it is all worth it. If pictures say a thousand words, videoblogging exceeds that by far.
A videoblog requires larger disk spaces on websites, a faster server, and a whole new set of programs to support it. Videoblogs can be fed through RSS. This is technology of syndicating your website to other RSS aggregators. Videoblogging works with people on the internet expressing their selves. Now if you put this on a business prospective, you are up to a lot of benefits. Think of it as a powerful tool in making showing your prospective customers your line of products or your services. It�s just like showing a commercial all for free. And if you videoblog through RSS, then most probably you are getting your target market.
People like to see what they are going to buy. Some would like to see proof and be sure that they are getting their money�s worth before shelving their dimes on it. All of us know the influence of a thirty second commercial. The effect of videoblogging is similar to that. You show your product, people watch it. If they like it, they buy it. If you present it good enough, they�ll buy the product even if they don�t need it.

P.Bio - Your Personal Biographer

Now on the web, things are pretty much static, unlike in television in which all are moving. If you post something that is mobile, it would most likely catch attention. Now imaging your product parading in all it�s royalty through videoblog. You�ll get phone call orders in no time.
If your business is just starting up, you can create a videoblog right at your own home. All you need is your web camera, microphone, video software, and lights. For as long as you know how to use your camera, then you can create a videoblog.
Invest in a good web camera. The higher its resolution is the better the output. And you like to present your goods in the optimum way so get the best one possible. Make a short story, or just capture your goods in one go. Just make sure you are getting the best profile for each. Get those creativity juices flowing. Lights are important in a production. Make sure you illuminate entirely the area you are going to use to create videoblog. The brighter the area, the crispier the images will be. You can also use lighting effects for added appeal to the presentation.

Hands-On Guide to Video Blogging and Podcasting: Emerging Media Tools for Business Communication (Hands-On Guide Series)

Should you require sounds for your videoblog, you need a microphone. Record you voice as a voice over for promoting the product and its benefit to consumers. Sounds are as important as videos on a videoblog. It is advisable to make your sound effects as enticing as the video. Your video editing software can be any program. You need this to finalize your work. You can add sounds, delete some bad angles, or insert some still pictures in there too. Some programs are user-friendly and can be used even with zero knowledge on video editing. Even simple video editing programs should do the trick. Select your background carefully too. The light affects the presentation so make sure that the background and the light complements each other.

Realty Blogging

Videoblogging is a great tool but it also has it downside. It may slow down the computer so other may steer clear of it. Download time may also be time consuming especially if customer is still on a dial- up connection. But don�t let those stop you. Let videoblogging be an alternative for you, though it is best to still keep the text and pictures present in your presentation to accommodate all possible viewers of your site.
Nowadays, the more creative you are in presenting your product to the market, they more you are likely to succeed. Videoblogging offers an interactive way of selling. You involve the customers. You instill in them the advantage of your goods. And at times, those are enough to make a sale. Get a edge on blogging Today blogging

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Free blog

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Blog software

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